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This Role Playing Game is designed to introduce new players to RPGs. This is a game for both experienced players and new players, and it’s recommended that the experienced player takes on the role of the Game Master - or the narrator - for the first game. This game emphasizes roleplaying and teamwork, and rewards acting in character. There are no stats. 


In the far, far future, you and your crew are employed by Archaic Space Architectural Preservation (ASAP) - an intergalactic survey branch of the Smithsonian. You are given coordinates and your missions require travel to far-away planets, moons, stars, and asteroids in order to search out, catalog, and record venerable ruins of alien civilizations. These places are long-abandoned, their histories lost.

Your ship is given orders and help by the friendly AI, who you affectionately call Gem. The game starts when you land on Arli Mas, a planet that used to be covered by water, but the planet’s erratic orbit has changed the climate, turning the seabeds to deserts.  You exit the ship, at what used to be a beach, and is now a cliff.


All you need to play is 2-3 players and can be played with just a GM and player. Each character can roll up to three six-sided die. 


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The Lost Oceans of Arli Mas - PDF 117 kB
The Lost Oceans of Arli Mas - DocX 283 kB

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