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The city of Middleport is a well-known hub for superheroes - not least of all because the Stormsign Initiative is based out of the Uptown Spire! It’s pretty cool, honestly, watching all these superheroes do their thing. And you might not be super-powered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the action. 

Lucky you, you’re an employee at Superhuman Industrial and Immaterial, Inc., a supercorp dealing with everything that goes into the production of being a superhero - from costume design to public opinion research, SIII does it all. 

About the Game:

Superhuman Industrial and Immaterial, Incorporated is a game about being an average person in an above-average city. It's a storygame that allows for flexibility, improvisation, and is a story generator. The game is classic and cliche, fun and without a lot of fluff, and the full version takes inspiration from classic comic ads. The anti-comic, comic print. 

All you'll need is a D6 and a way to write/record your answers. 

Written by Linda H. Codega (@_linfinn) with Mandy Szewczuk (@junketss) for the #BeyondSupersJam hosted by riley rethal (@jaceaddax).


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I played Superhuman Industrial on stream (I've linked the vod), and I thought it was SUPER solid! Sure, I stumbled over stepping on the prompt's toes a little bit, but that's on me for thinking too far ahead! It's a great little way to generate on the fly story prompts, and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Not only is the concept a fun angle to build off of, but the roll 1d6 to get the next piece of the prompt is easy, intuitive, and simple. If you've got some kind of writer's block, I'd heartily suggest this as a warm-up prompt generator, especially if you find storytelling in this genre easy.

Superhuman Industrial is a single-player journaling game about working in a superhero-adjacent manufacturing career. 

It's 12 pages, and the gameplay is relatively short but focused. You roll on a few charts to determine what happens at specific points in the story, but otherwise the story has a specific structure and will head you in a particular direction.

Unlike gamebooks, your choices don't change the direction of the story---that's down to the random tables---but you do have a lot more freedom to describe how your character reacts to things.

Overall, if you're in a writing mood, I think this produces a fairly solid short story. The layout is also solid and thematic, and there's some nice opportunities for humor.

Minor Issues:

-Page 7, You just sat down #4, "starring one your Capes" one of

This is meant to be singleplayer, right?

I played this game today and it was fun! Especially as a writing exercise. Made me very confident and happy! I'm so glad this exists ^u^

Hi there, I purchased the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle but the file says it's not able to download - is there any other way to download this?


I think it was an itch glitch - let me know if you still can't download it?

Hello! Received this via the amazing Racial Justice and Equality Bundle and just wanted to mention that it doesnt exist (as in there is no download to download).



Hey Draekz I got the same bundle & my copy downloaded fine... maybe try again?

Check again now? I just downloaded my doc a few moments ago.

I think it was an itch glitch - let me know if you still can't download it?


Hey Linda! Just tried again today and its still not showing up! Basically in the drop down where the file would show up, it is just blank (after clicking the download link).

No worries if its just on my end. Either way looks like a cool idea! Take care!