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The Bookshelf is a game about taking the time to organize your books, remember their value, and rewrite a story based on the stories you have already created. If you have toys, photos, or magazines, you think about different merits and continue the narrative. 

At the end of your bookshelf you can choose to write another part of the story, put your writing aside, or pass The Bookshelf --and your own story--along to a friend. Perhaps they will add to your story or write a new one themselves.

The demos are all you need to play, and they are available for free. The pretty $2.00 version is a one-page mini zine, and you see it in the screenshots to the side. Message & follow me at @_linfinn if price is an issue, and you'll receive the game, no questions asked. 

This game was created by Linda H. Codega for Short Rest, the #CozyGameJam. All interior images are from Clip Art Etc.  Books have always been important to me, and have always helped me to cope with tough times and stressful situations. I hope that this game allows other people to remember why they're keeping all those old editions around.

You can find Linda H. Codega on twitter: @_linfinn


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this TTRPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Bookshelf_One Page Printable.pdf 1 MB
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The Bookshelf_ #CozyGameJam_Accessible.pdf 47 kB
The Bookshelf_ #CozyGameJam_Accessible Editable.docx 109 kB


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The Bookshelf is a single-player thing that roughly could be described as a ritual, a journaling game, or a mindfulness exercise. You play by organizing your bookshelf, and by occasionally using the things you find as prompts for a story.

Also sometimes you brutally konmari a stray magazine.

The PDF is 4 pages, with some nice victorian black-and-white illustrations and a clean and readable layout.

Overall, if you like games that don't quite feel like games, or if you have a bookshelf that's been getting feral, you may want to check this out.


I know this is categorized as a TTRPG, but it feels more like a ritual or meditation exercise to me. It's lovely.

Hello Linda, what paper size is the printable pdf intended for?

American Letter size - 8.5x11 inches, but you can print it on the smaller A5 without any real problem