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The Undead Emperor, Necromancer Divine, his Celestial Kindness, First Reborn, King of the Nine Renewals, our Resurrector, the Necrolord Prime, is in need of new Lyctors within His most holy First House. These Hands of the Emperor are the liegemen of the Lord of Last Breaths, and he requests that you, firstborn honor of your family, attend his meditations at the most Royal House of Canaan.

He hopes that this time apart will see the emergence of newly ascended Lyctors, joined with their Cavaliers, into the most dutiful and lovely service of his Most Mortuous Highness. To see your House exalted, you, as Cavalier and Necromancer, must fight and scheme, allying with your rivals and betraying your friends, falling in love with your enemies, daring danger, adventure, romance, and trials of power and patience. 

Don’t worry too much, death-breath. You were born for this. 

Play as either the Cavalier or Necromancer of your House (or both!), ascend to lyctorship, and obviously, prove you're the best necromancer alive. Or undead. Whatever. Maybe smooch some babes. I can't tell you what to do. 

You will need a deck of cards, 3-6 friends, and a couple hours. A knowledge of Gideon the Ninth is not required, but it'll help you out.  


The Emperor is Undead is based on the Mobile Frame Zero:Firebrands hack, The King is Dead, both by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker (@lumpleygames). It is set in the universe and greatly draws from the events of the novel, Gideon the Ninth, by Tamsyn Muir, published by Tor.com Publishing. Anyone is free to copy this for their own personal use, hack it, or create new games with it. Please give credit to Linda H. Codega and Mandy Szewczuk as the authors of this game. 

Cover illustration by Aimee Cummings, @seed.arts.

This game is free, but Mandy and I worked hard on it! We feel like $10 is a fair price for a game like this, and would love to see even $4. That's just $2 each for a 58 page game, that we spent time editing, writing, and laying out.  If you have the means, please consider paying. Thanks everyone. 


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This was a nice read, while I’m re-listening Harrow and waiting for Nona.

I hope I’ll be able to play it soon. In the meantime thanks, it was well worth the money (I chose to pay 20$).

Skulls and Marrow,